Articles on a return to top-down control

Treasury curbs on NHS capital spending at ‘crisis point’

By NHS Support Federation | 9th July 2019

Treasury restrictions on how much hospitals in England can spend on capital projects are forcing some to put off developments … Read more

The government is tinkering around the edges of the mental health crisis facing young people – Barbara Keeley

By NHS Support Federation | 8th July 2019

More children are developing mental health problems as the problem with funding children’s mental health services rises. As it stands, … Read more

Community and non-hospital services are to suffer as CCG plans to cut funding by £33million

By NHS Support Federation | 3rd July 2019

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are meeting to discuss £33million cuts next year to compensate for the £192million … Read more

77 per cent MPs believe social care is underfunded

By NHS Support Federation | 3rd July 2019

Alzheimer’s society commissioned a You Gov survey which revealed 77% of MPs believe social care is underfunded. The survey also … Read more

NHS under “the biggest cash squeeze in its history” says Labour MP

By NHS Support Federation | 2nd July 2019

Three patients in need of treatment in intensive care are ‘harmed’ after there were no beds available when they were … Read more

Children’s hospice forced to close as NHS funding falls

By NHS Support Federation | 1st July 2019

Grace’s Place, a children’s hospice in Bury, has been forced to close as the NHS funding was only covering a … Read more

Lancashire council spending £4million less on alcohol and drug addiction services

By NHS Support Federation | 1st July 2019

The UK Addiction Treatment group have said that Lancashire council’s misuse budget has dropped from £19,487,671 in 2013 to £15,599,371 … Read more

NHS IVF treatment to be cut permanently in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

By NHS Support Federation | 30th June 2019

In 2017 Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group ended funding for IVF treatment for all patients with the exception of … Read more

Short termism is a threat to the NHS – Anita Charlesworth

By NHS Support Federation | 28th June 2019

“The £20bn cash injection for the NHS in England is ring-fenced for front-line health services, which is mainly the wage … Read more

Estimates of 1.4 million older people not receiving help needed

By NHS Support Federation | 26th June 2019

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) have said that local authorities spending £22.5 billion on adults and the … Read more