Recent reports

The Kings Fund: The rise and decline of the NHS in England 2000–20

12th April 2023

A paper from the Kings Fund former Chief Executive Chris Ham analyses how a major public service was allowed to … Read more

National State of Patient Safety 2022 – report by Institute of Global Health Innovation

30th November 2022

Keeping patients safe during their care and treatment should be at the heart of any health system, including the NHS. … Read more

CQC – Care Quality Report 2021/22

22nd October 2022

The report from the CQC released in October 2022, is that the health and care system is in gridlock and … Read more

Patients in poorer areas wait longer for treatment

2nd October 2021

Areas of deprivation in England have seen waiting lists on average increase by more than half (55.2%), compared to a … Read more

NHS loses top spot in international rankings

10th August 2021

The Commonwealth Fund’s latest Mirror, Mirror report – which analyses how healthcare in the US compares with services in other rich countries … Read more

CQC State of Care Report 2019/20

25th October 2020

In October 2020, the Care Quality Commission released its annual State of Care report. The organisation concluded that the care … Read more

Half of frontline care workers paid less than living wage

19th April 2020

According to the Resolution Foundation think tank more than half of social care workers are paid below the real cost … Read more

CQC State of Care report 2018/2019

25th October 2019

In October 2019, the Care Quality Committee published its annual State of Care Report 2018/2019. The report covers all sectors … Read more

Report – Primary Concerns 2018 – The state of primary care

28th March 2019

An overwhelming 44% of the 2,386 GPs, practice managers, practice and community nurses and community pharmacists surveyed reveal they are … Read more

CQC – Signs of improvement but concerns remain about the safety and quality of independent ambulance services

18th March 2019

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is calling on independent ambulance services, commissioners and the wider system to do more to … Read more