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Report warns that NHS austerity is impacting mortality rates and life expectancy

29th November 2017

Full story in Pulse, 29 November 2017 Policy makers need to ‘take heed of early warning signs’ and end health … Read more

NHS England workforce planning ‘not fit for purpose’, says report

30th October 2017

NHS England’s workforce planning is “not fit for purpose”, according to a report that found a high turnover of staff was hurting … Read more

While all eyes look to Brexit, our NHS is about to collapse

18th October 2017

rexit casts its shroud over everything. The no-dealers grow more wild-eyed by the day; though sterling drops, prices rise. Chris … Read more

Health inequality gap ‘is still growing’ in England, new Department of Health data shows

12th August 2017

The health gap between rich and poor is growing in England, according to shocking figures compiled by the Department of … Read more

In short supply: pay policy and nurse numbers Workforce profile and trends in the English NHS

25th May 2017

In April 2017, the House of Lords Select Committee on the long-term sustainability of the NHS concluded that the biggest … Read more

The parties’ pledges on health and social care

24th May 2017

Ahead of the general election, we summarise the main pledges made by the three main parties on health and social … Read more

What are STPs and why do they matter?

16th May 2017

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are place-based plans for improving health and care services in 44 areas of England. They … Read more

Cuts to crucial children’s health services are jeopardising the health of England’s children and young people

16th May 2017

A new RCN report, The Best Start: The Future of Children’s Health, shows how plummeting numbers of health visitors and … Read more

What impact will Brexit have on the health and social care workforce?

12th May 2017

The UK’s departure from the EU could affect a number of issues including cross-border patient entitlements; the regulation and supply … Read more

Does the NHS need more money?

12th May 2017

In recent years, NHS spending has been protected while other budgets, such as those for local government services and policing, … Read more