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What impact will Brexit have on the health and social care workforce?

12th May 2017

The UK’s departure from the EU could affect a number of issues including cross-border patient entitlements; the regulation and supply … Read more

Does the NHS need more money?

12th May 2017

In recent years, NHS spending has been protected while other budgets, such as those for local government services and policing, … Read more

State of child health – Report 2017

1st May 2017

Produced by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in, this report is a comprehensive list of 25 measures … Read more

Mission Impossible? The task for NHS Providers in 2017/2018

22nd March 2017

The 2017 Budget on 8 March confirmed that, while there was extra money for social care and a small amount … Read more

Health cuts most likely cause of major rise in mortality, study claims

17th February 2017

An unprecedented rise in mortality in England and Wales, where 30,000 excess deaths occurred in 2015, is likely to be … Read more

Read all about it: media coverage of NHS rationing

16th February 2017

As part of the work for our forthcoming report on NHS financial pressures, we examined how the media have reported … Read more

How hospital activity and funding in England have changed over time – The King’s Fund

20th December 2016

In recent years, NHS spending has been protected while other budgets such as welfare, local government and the police have … Read more

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) explained – The King’s Fund

2nd December 2016

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) were announced in NHS planning guidance published in December 2015. NHS organisations and local authorities in … Read more

Patients and staff shut out of NHS transformation plans, says thinktank

14th November 2016

NHS plans that could lead to hospital and A&E closures have been kept secret from the public and barely involved … Read more

David Oliver: Seven day services and soundbites

11th November 2016

“Our plans for seven day services are simple,” the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, clarified in his party’s conference speech in … Read more