Articles on the deficit

May’s extra cash for NHS is not enough, says spending watchdog

By NHS Support Federation | 1st July 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 1 July 2018 The NHS will require far greater financial support than the latest cash boost … Read more

Theresa May’s NHS pledge decried as sticking plaster

By NHS Support Federation | 18th June 2018

Full Story in The Guardian, 18 June 2018 Theresa May’s plans to increase NHS funding by 3.4% is a “sticking … Read more

90% of councils slashing public health services

By NHS Support Federation | 2nd May 2018

Full story at PulseToday 2 May 2018  Nine out of ten councils have cut spending on sexual health, alcohol misuse … Read more

GPs struggling with public health gaps

By NHS Support Federation | 2nd May 2018

Full story at PulseToday 2 May 2018 The Government squeeze on the public health budget has been brutal, and it is … Read more

GP at Hand leaves CCG facing budget deficit in 2018/19

By NHS Support Federation | 24th April 2018

Full Story at GP Online, 20 March 2018 The rapid expansion of the GP at Hand service could drive up … Read more

Dispute with acute trust leaves CCG with £15m bill.

By NHS Support Federation | 13th April 2018

Full story at HSJ 13 April 2018 Commissioners have been left with a £15m bill after losing a dispute with … Read more

£48 million overspend in Cambridgeshire NHS budget revealed

By NHS Support Federation | 2nd March 2018

Winter pressures on NHS services in Cambridgeshire have sent local spending spiralling nearly £50 million over budget. Local health bosses … Read more

The shocking figures that reveal the crisis in Birmingham’s health service

By NHS Support Federation | 1st March 2018

Full story in Birmingham Mail, 1 March 2018 Shocking new figures reveal that waiting lists are soaring across Birmingham’s NHS, … Read more

Higher consulting spending makes NHS trusts less efficient, study suggests

By NHS Support Federation | 28th February 2018

National Health Service (NHS) trusts which hire management consultants in order to reduce expenditure do not end up saving money, … Read more

Cutbacks loom for county’s health services

By NHS Support Federation | 19th February 2018

Full story in The Yorkshire Post, 19 February 2018 A forecast deficit of £40m across four main clinical groups (CCG) … Read more