Articles on deskilling the workforce

Workforce shortages and budget crisis push the NHS to the limit

By NHS Support Federation | 16th May 2024

Survey of 19 Integrated Care Boards (part 2 of 2), Key points: (West Midlands, South East and South West of the … Read more

A record 170,000 staff leave NHS in England as stress and workload take toll

By NHS Support Federation | 1st July 2023

The Observer has revealed that nearly 170,000 workers left their jobs in the NHS in England last year, in a … Read more

NHS England plans local banks of GPs working flexibly

By NHS Support Federation | 19th December 2020

NHS England intends to set up local banks of GPs working flexibly, according to its People Plan which was published … Read more

Government’s new immigration plan denounced as ‘absolute disaster’ for care sector

By NHS Support Federation | 20th February 2020

The Independent reports that experts, health leaders, and trade unions have rounded on the government’s new immigration policy warning it … Read more

HSJ reports leak that reveals government fears over 50,000 nurses plan

By NHS Support Federation | 20th February 2020

HSJ has revealed that senior government officials are challenging NHS England’s plans for boosting retention to deliver the prime minister’s … Read more

Immigration plan: No visas for low-skilled workers, the government says

By NHS Support Federation | 19th February 2020

Under the plan, low-skilled workers would not get visas under post- Brexit immigration rules. The government wants employers would “move … Read more

The NHS staffing crisis is about the expanding knowledge gap – Alison Leary

By NHS Support Federation | 17th December 2019

Alison Leary, professor of healthcare and workforce modelling at London South Bank University, writes about the current workforce crisis in … Read more

One in four workers in NHS Hospitals are born outside the UK

By NHS Support Federation | 4th December 2019

The departure of migrant workers from the NHS could have devastating consequences for health and social care services. Data from … Read more

Leaked NHS document reveals government plan to rely on nursing associates

By NHS Support Federation | 3rd December 2019

A NHS document leaked to the Health Service Journal and The Independent reveals government plans to use cheaper and unqualified … Read more

Will a Conservative government deliver 50,000 more nurses?

By NHS Support Federation | 25th November 2019

A Factcheck by The Guardian finds that the Conservatives promise in their manifesto of 50,000 new nurses in ten years … Read more