Poor staffing and workloads make midwives leave

Midwives are leaving and being driven away by excessive workloads and poor staffing levels, says a new report.

The RCM publication – Why midwives leave – revisited – is based on a survey of over 2000 midwives across the UK who have left the profession in the last two years, or are intending to leave in the next two years.

It asked midwives that have left the profession why they decided to leave.

Over half (52%) said they were not happy with staffing levels. A similar number (48%) said they were unhappy with the quality of care they were able to give.

A similar picture emerges in responses from midwives intending to leave.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) said they are not happy about the staffing levels where they work.

Over half (52%) said they are not satisfied with the quality of care they are able to give.

For full details see RCM 19 October 2016