Dangerous and unsafe’ care driving midwives out of NHS

RCM survey reports inadequate staffing levels, bullying, poor working conditions and fears of making ‘tragic mistakes’

Inadequate staffing levels are driving midwives to leave the NHS, with some looking after as many as 15 mothers and babies at a time, a report has found.

The study of more than 2,700 midwives uncovered fears about making mistakes because they were working 12-hour shifts with no break.

Midwives reported not being listened to when they told managers they feared for the safety of mothers and babies, while others experienced bullying from senior staff.

The respondents to the poll, for the Royal College of Midwives, were made up as follows: 31% were midwives who have left the profession in the past two years and 69% were intending to leave in the next two years.

For full article see The Guardian 18 October 2016