NHS Bosses Plan to sell Temp Agency

Department of Health bosses are planning to privatise a temp agency for NHS medics and support staff, it was reported yesterday.

News channel Russia Today revealed that Deloitte had been hired to work out “the particulars” for flogging off NHS Professionals.

Two separate sources “close to the deal” met the makers of RT’s Going Underground, confirming a sale was in the pipeline, but it depends on “political timing,” said senior producer Olga Masalkova.

Jeremy Hunt’s department is still deciding whether to sell off the whole body or retain a small stake, said Ms Masalkova.

Recruitment company Odgers Berndtson — chaired by Tory former health secretary Virginia Bottomley, who also held Mr Hunt’s South West Surrey seat before 2005 — is believed to be going through the legal stages in order to make a bid.

RT told the Star: “On the company’s website they have a number of top-level NHS executive jobs advertised. “This means that this private, for-profit company, has a say in matters of the health service, and will be collecting a hefty commission from the placement of these jobs.”

Full story in The MorningStar Online, 23 February 2016

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