Hundreds of frontline Covid doctors told they won’t have jobs from August

Almost 700 anaesthetists – who had key roles caring for critically ill patients struggling to breathe during the Covid surges – have been told they won’t have jobs in the NHS training scheme from August. They will be unable to progress in their careers because of a shortage in places.

One junior doctor listed 40 jobs across the country that he would have considered moving to, but had been rejected for every single one, despite ranking in the top third of candidates nationally.

The issue is a lack of training places, a record level of applicants as a result of curriculum changes, and the absence of opportunities to train abroad, given the pandemic, as a result a record 697 doctors, who have all done at least four years training already, now face a scramble to find non-training jobs in NHS hospitals.

Full story in The Independent,  11 May 2021