Study in The Lancet claims having minimum nurse to patient ratios cuts risk of death

New research, published in The Lancet, examining the effect of minimum nurse-to-patient ratios has found it reduces the risks of those in care dying by up to 11 per cent. The study also said fewer patients were readmitted and they had shorter stays in hospital.

It compared 400,000 patients and 17,000 nurses working in 27 hospitals in Queensland, Australia to 28 other hospitals. The state has a policy of just one nurse to every four patients during the day and one to seven at night, in a bid to improve safety and standards of care.

The research said savings made from patients having a shorter length of stay, which fell 9 per cent, and less readmissions were double the cost of hiring the extra nurses needed to achieve the ratios.

Full story in The Independent  12 May 2021