NHS boost ‘like pouring water down a sink’ without care cash

Full story at Local Government Chronicle, 18 June 2018

At least four major representative groups for local government have warned that any additional resource for the National Health Service must be matched with similar funding for social care.

The prime minister’s pledge to provide £20bn a year in extra funding for the NHS by 2023 would be akin to “pouring water down a sink with no plug in” were it to be delivered without similar support for preventative health services, said Association of Directors of Adult Social Services president Glen Garrod.

Spokespersons for the Local Government Association, County Councils Network, and the Association of Directors of Public Health joined Adass in issuing statements on the need for “complementary” funding for adult social care.

Mr Garrod said: “It is deeply disappointing to see no further investment in social care in this settlement. As has been remarked before, putting money into the NHS without putting it into social care is like pouring water down a sink with no plug in.”