100 senior NHS doctors and nurses write open letter to Theresa May: ‘Your funding boost is simply not enough’

Full story in The Mirror, 18 June 2018

Doctors and nurses have insisted Theresa May’s much anticipated healthcare funding boost will NOT rebuild the struggling NHS.

After the longest financial squeeze in history NHS England will be given a 3.4% increase with the service on its knees with record debts and waiting times.

Experts say the five-year cash settlement is in reality a 3% rise in overall health spending and will barely keep the NHS standing still.

Now more than 100 senior NHS consultants, professors, GPs and junior doctors and nurses have written an open letter to the Prime Minister. They write in the Daily Mirror that the £20 billion annual rise by 2023/24 will in no way repair the damage inflicted over the last decade. They say: “Less than 4% means the NHS will continue to deteriorate and our patients continue to suffer.”