80% of NHS workers warn patient safety hit by lack of staff

Full Story in The Guardian 18 March 2018

A huge majority of NHS workers say they are worried about staffing levels, according to new survey findings that suggest a dangerous level of under-resourcing in the health service.

Four-fifths (80%) of respondents – which included nurses, doctors and managers – have raised concerns about there not being enough staff on duty to give patients safe and high-quality care. More than half of those (59%) said no action was taken, despite their unease being voiced.

More than 1,000 NHS staff who belong to the Observer and Guardian’s healthcare network were surveyed. Almost half of respondents (48%) said care had been compromised on their last shift, while only 2% felt there were always enough people to provide safe care. More than half (53%) say they cannot provide the level of care they want to.