22. Norfolk & Waveney

What concerns have been raised about your STP?

Health planners are trying to reduce NHS deficits and think about ways to re-organise care. However getting the large deficit under control could prevent facilities being developed that can cope with the health and care social needs of local people.

Proposed changes

Overall cuts in every area of the NHS and social care system apart from mental health.

The plan is for one in five patients who currently go to hospital being cared for in community instead. As part of this process community hospitals will close.

Lack of investment

Growing debts are projected to reach £415 million by 2020/21.  The STP aims to make £300 million in savings, but will need £150 million in investment to achieve this. Overall, GP surgeries, social care and community care will have to make savings of £56 million, while getting an investment of £33 million by 2020/21. Hospitals must save £26 million, while being given just £5.3 million.


There was criticism of the secrecy in development of the STP, its lack of detail and the amount of cuts that will have to be made to services. Clive Lewis, Norwich South Labour MP, said: “These people must be living in some kind of parallel universe to the rest of us where black is in fact white and gravity is a force that pulls objects up to the sky. The reality is you can’t continually do more with less. Cutting funding for services does not improve them."