Rob Galloway, A&E consultant

"It’s very hard working in the NHS at the moment especially at the sharp end in A&E. I speak to my colleagues up and down the country and this isn’t isolated to one hospital, it’s seen everywhere"

“The patients who are suffering are the elderly ones who cannot be discharged and who need to go to ward-based care.  Now they are staying in the corridor until they get transferred to a ward.  Now this isn’t isolated to one hospital, it is up and down the country.  It’s the vulnerable elderly patients who are the ones that are really suffering. But outside of A&E, it’s the mental health patients [that are suffering] as there are so few mental health beds throughout the country.  It is the most vulnerable in society who are being affected by these cuts and by what is going on.”

"The NHS is important to us all.  If we get sick we will be looked after and it is there for everybody in our society, but we cannot take it for granted. Government policy is pushing the NHS beyond safe limits. The risks to patients and staff are real."

Tell us your experience

Help explain how pressure on resources affects your job.

  • What is it like working under pressure in the NHS? What kind of compromises do you have to make? Do patients suffer as a result of lack of resources? How does it feel to work in the NHS at the moment? Are you optimistic about the future?
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