Christopher Gee, Orthopaedic Registrar

“There just isn’t the social care package available at short notice for these patients, they often end up sitting in hospital at weeks at a time, just waiting”

“Often there just aren’t enough doctors to look after patients, so you then have to do the duties of two doctors, so you’re running around and having to make decisions more quickly, you’re having to do the job of two doctors and there won’t necessarily be enough nurses. You don’t have a nurse following you around on the ward round, so it makes it more difficult to hand over your jobs. Again all of this just stretches staff, makes it harder to make sure the patients get the care they should receive. Its like more and more cracks are appearing in the system and unfortunately patients will fall through those cracks, mistakes will happen and patients will come to harm.”

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  • What is it like working under pressure in the NHS? What kind of compromises do you have to make? Do patients suffer as a result of lack of resources? How does it feel to work in the NHS at the moment? Are you optimistic about the future?
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