‘Totally disgusted’ patients vow to fight Yeovil walk-in clinic closure

An Australian man visiting Yeovil is “totally disgusted” by the decision to close a walk-in centre helping local people who fall ill.

Simon Baggott is among several angry readers to contact Somerset Live, dismayed by the move to end the popular walk-in element of the clinic above Boots on Middle Street.

Readers had already branded the decision “crazy” but now others are calling for a campaign to save the clinic.

The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group said the walk-in clinic would stop operating from Friday, September 1, because it had proved “too convenient ” for patients.

Apparently patients should have been calling the 111 advice line or visiting their pharmacy, rather than seeking urgent care at the walk-in.

Mr Baggott, 49 from Brisbane, is in the Yeovil area for a few months to visit his dad, who lives in Bridport.

He experienced the walk-in clinic himself and described his experience there as “fantastic”.

He added: “They wouldn’t shut down something like this in Australia without asking people first.

“I think it’s appalling. Whoever is responsible for this should a meeting so that the patients can air their own views.

“The people of Britain are being affected and people need to speak up more here, especially when it’s about their families and their health.

“If nobody says anything they’re just keep shutting things down. I can only say what I’ve seen through my eyes in the Yeovil area but people are suffering.”

Article from Somerset Live, 8 August 2017