Social Care should be an ‘urgent priority’

Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight could see some health services moving away from St Mary’s.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are back in the news today, after a King’s Fund report urged that ‘social care’  be made an urgent priority.

As reported in September last year, the STP proposes to integrate health services across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire, most likely resulting in Islanders having to travel to the mainland for many health services.

Some claim it will result in better health services for residents. Those opposed to the STP say it’s just another form of cuts to the NHS.

Massive funding gap
The STP sets how Hampshire and the Isle of Wight health bosses are actively forming an alliance to work together in the future to rationalise health provision across the area.

As reported by the BBC today, the area is looking at a funding gap of £577m in Health Services and £192m in Social Care by 2020-21 if nothing is done.

Full Article on On The Wight 21st February 2017