Protests over Shropshire maternity unit closures

Campaigners have gathered to protest the closure of three rural maternity units across Shropshire.

Midwife-led units in Oswestry, Ludlow and Bridgnorth will be closed for up to six months over staffing shortages.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust said closures are in place to “ensure the safety of mums”.

Expectant mothers will be offered alternative locations for births. One mother said “no one should have to stay in a hospital too far from home”.

Protesters marched from Gobowen to the Oswestry unit. Liz Grayston, who organised the march, estimated 300 people showed their support.

She said the extra pressure on other maternity units in the county was already showing and mothers were being sent home within 24 hours of a Caesarean section.

“We’re not taking this lying down,” she added.

Article from BBC news, 9 July 2017