Plan to transform healthcare puts emphasis on prevention

A PLAN to transform health and care across Somerset has been launched with an emphasis on prevention, rather than treatment.

Somerset’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) is one of 44 across the country to be set up and aims to deliver high quality care and more prevention of illness, while addressing major financial pressures linked with shortages of key staff across all areas of health and social care.

The STP has been developed and published by the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Somerset County Council, Primary Care and NHS providers, and sets out a way forward for the next five years.

The publication of the plan now marks the start of wide-ranging discussions with local residents before firm proposals are finally drawn up.

A spokesperson for the Sustainability and Transformation Plan said: “Somerset’s ageing population means more people are living longer and managing multiple complex illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. These are costly to support and require more integrated care from a range of different organisations.

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