NHS overhaul could cost health services in Kent and Medway £75 million

Government plans for a major overhaul of the NHS could cost health services in Kent and Medway £75 million, it has been claimed.

According to the British Medical Association, the costs associated with long-term reforms being implemented under what are called Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) paints “a very worrying picture.”

The accusations have been firmly rejected by the government and NHS England.

The BMA says that in total, at least £9.5 billion is needed in capital funding across the country to successfully deliver the plans.

Kent and Medway trusts told NHS England that they would need an alarming £75m in capital funding in order to deliver the structural changes envisaged – on top of millions of pounds needed for a backlog of other repair work.
BMA South East regional honorary secretary, Dr John MacKinnon, said the plans were becoming unworkable.

Full Article on Kent Online 17th February 2017