New plan to safeguard Honiton hospital beds suggested

New proposals to save Honiton Hospital’s inpatient beds have been put forward by its Friends group.

Removing them is the preferred option in a consultation document issued by NHS NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as part of a £400million cost saving scheme.

The CCG’s report – entitled Your Future Care – sets out proposals to ‘improve your future care in North, East and West Devon by providing more care in people’s homes and avoiding hospital admissions where possible’.

The public and health care groups have been asked their views on four options for future inpatient services across the region – but none allows for Honiton retaining any beds.

The options are:

A) 32 beds in Tiverton, 24 beds in Seaton and 16 beds in Exmouth.

B) 32 beds in Tiverton, 24 beds in Sidmouth and 16 beds in Exmouth.

C) 32 beds in Tiverton, 24 beds in Seaton and 16 beds in Whipton.

D) 32 beds in Tiverton, 24 in Sidmouth and 16 beds in Whipton.

But in its response to the consultation, Honiton Hospital League of Friends has put forward an alternative plan, which it wants the CCG to consider.

This would see Honiton retain 16 beds, out of a total of 72 with the others provided at: Tiverton 24, Seaton/Sidmouth 16 and Exmouth 16.

Friends’ chairman Heather Penwarden said: “We remain unconvinced that eroding our community hospital medical beds will result in better care and financial savings. In the absence of detailed costings of the alternative options, we have seen no credible evidence of a viable and safe home care-based alternative and, in fact, would advocate the nurturing of community hospitals as the way forward.”

Full Story in Exmouth Journal, 13 January 2017