More funding is needed for shake-up to A&E services in mid Essex, claims medical union

A SHAKE-UP to A&E services in mid Essex will be “unachievable” without more funding, a leading medical union has said.

Plans by the Mid and South Essex Success Regime could see one of three hospitals having a full 24-hour emergency service.

This could be at either Basildon, Southend or Broomfield hospitals, with the two remaining hospitals’ services scaled back.

An investigation by the British Medical Association found at least £9.5 billion was needed across the country to deliver sustainability and transformation plans.

The association claims in mid and south Essex £449.5 million in capital funding would be needed in order to deliver their ‘transformation’ plans.

However this was disputed by NHS England who said the submission by the Essex Success Regime in October 2016 only amounted to £115 million.

Full Article on Braintree and Witham Times 24th February 2017