Calderdale Royal A&E to shut at night if staffing becomes critically low

Plans have been drawn up to close an A&E department serving Huddersfield people if staffing numbers become critically low.

The plan would see Calderdale Royal Hospital shutting its A&E overnight with patients being sent to Huddersfield.

This is because all the critical care support units such as Intensive Care Unit and the Coronary Care Unit are still at Huddersfield.

Ironically, under controversial plans Huddersfield will lose its A&E with that and all the critical care support units due to be switched to Calderdale.

Under the plans Huddersfield Royal Infirmary would be demolished and replaced by a new hospital on the other side of Acre Street with just 64 beds. It would also see the loss of almost 500 jobs.

Its A&E would be shut and replaced by an urgent care centre. This would mean the A&E would only be at Calderdale Royal Hospital which would be expanded to take all the acute services such as intensive care.

At the moment the health trust is paying out a fortune each month on an expensive Private Finance Initiative that was used to pay for Calderdale Royal Hospital and the debt is crippling its finances.

Article from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 15 October 2017