Bury and Prestwich walk-in centre closures in care shake-up

Two walk-in centres will close as part of a shake-up of urgent care to reduce hospital attendance and admissions.

The sites, in Bury and Prestwich in Greater Manchester, will shut so resources can be moved to NHS 111, GP surgeries and A&E departments.

Though popular, the service was deemed “confusing” and the changes are intended to direct patients to the “right care”. Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) approved the plan earlier.

However, protesters said the group had “ignored” their concerns. More than 2,000 people signed a petition to save Moorgate Primary Care Centre and Prestwich Walk In Centre.

In the CCG’s survey on the closures, 83% of just over 1,000 people who took part disagreed with the plans.

Andy Walker, from Ramsbottom, who is campaigning against the changes, said: “The CCG has completely ignored the results of that engagement exercise. Basically people in Bury will have to rely on the 111 service.”

Full story from BBC News, 18 January 2017