Theresa May pledges an extra 10,000 staff for NHS mental health services, but with huge doubts over funding

Theresa May is pledging an extra 10,000 staff to work in NHS mental health services – without saying how they will be funded.

In her first spending announcement of the election campaign, the Prime Minister will also pledge to overhaul a 34-year-old Mental Health Act to tackle “discrimination and overuse of detention”.

And people suffering from problems such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder will be promised beefed-up protection against discrimination at work.

“On my first day in Downing Street last July, I described shortfalls in mental health services as one of the burning injustices in our country,” Ms May said.

“It is abundantly clear to me that the discriminatory use of a law passed more than three decades ago is a key part of the reason for this.

“So today I am pledging to rip up the 1983 Act and introduce in its place a new law which finally confronts the discrimination and unnecessary detention that takes place too often.

Full Article on The Independent 6 May 2017