Report – Primary Concerns 2018 – The state of primary care

An overwhelming 44% of the 2,386 GPs, practice managers, practice and community nurses and community pharmacists surveyed reveal they are thinking of leaving their jobs in the coming year. This includes a quarter of respondents who are not even close to retirement age.

The worrying findings are presented in Cogora’s sixth Primary Concerns report, which this year takes the title of The State of Primary Care 2018, and provides an insight into the current state of the sector from the healthcare professionals who know it best.

The survey of the readers of Cogora’s five primary care publications- Pulse, Management in Practice, Nursing in Practice, Healthcare Leader and (for the first time) The Pharmacist– suggests that rising workload, lack of resources and feeling ‘overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid’ are driving the workforce to quit.

The full report can be found here, 27 March 2019