Nurse staffing shortages are ‘top priority’ for new regulator’s senior nurse

Staffing is the main issue concerning the senior nurse at the newly-created regulator NHS Improvement, as well as being the “biggest challenge” facing community nursing, she has said.

Dr Ruth May, executive nursing director at NHS Improvement, said the body’s responsibility to help trust’s respond to nursing workforce shortages “scares me and excites me in equal measure”.

Underlining her workforce objectives, Dr May told delegates recently at a Queen’s Nursing Institute conference that she was focusing on “staffing, staffing and staffing”.

Dr May also highlighted that the QNI was leading a national workstream to develop safe staffing improvement resources for community settings, as previously announced in July.

As well as staffing, she defined her other three priority areas as quality of care, supporting excellence – which she described as the “how” – and future vision.

Full story in Nursing Times 5 October 2016