NHS crisis: Damning report reveals nurses are too stretched to feed and care for patients

Patients are being denied pain relief, food and water due to NHS cuts, a damning report has revealed.

Disturbingly, 65% of nurses said the sick are missing out on basic care because of the chronic understaffing.

It shames the Tories – who have slashed the health budget by £20billion – as they launch their election manifesto.

The Patients Association said the Unison report filled it “with horror”.

Now David Cameron’s boasts about the NHS being in good health are exposed as a sick joke.

The explosive report reveals vulnerable people are being left for hours because nurses are so overstretched that they are having to take responsibility for more patients than is safe.

The frail and elderly are going without basics such as food and water because of staff shortages.

Full story at The Daily Mirror 13 April 2015