Covid patients ‘head to toe’ on trolleys in A&E

The Independent reports that ‘corridor nursing’ is happening again, with patients including those with the coronavirus, are being kept “head to toe” on trolleys in accident and emergency departments in Manchester, with some forced to wait up to 40 hours for a bed.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine warns that this “dangerous” situation of the “potentially lethal” crowding of patients in A&Es across the country this winter.

Katherine Henderson said she was “absolutely terrified” by what was happening in some departments. She said she had warned NHS England about the dangers of crowding patients in A&E but that not enough action had been taken. She told The Independent: “Crowding in A&E is unsafe, but with coronavirus it is potentially lethal. We have said this endlessly to NHS England.”

Full story in The Independent, 12 November 2020