Child mental health services ‘not fit for purpose’, says top psychiatrist

Full story in Pulse, 24 September 2018

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) services across England are so overstretched that they are not fit for purpose, a leading psychiatrist has warned.

This comes as children and adolescents are being turned away from CAMHS services until they are so ill they attempt suicide, reports the BBC.

Meanwhile, A&Es are forced to pick up the slack from under-delivering mental health support services.

Speaking to BBC’s Panorama for a programme due to air this evening, Dr Jon Goldin, vice chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty, said: ‘I have colleagues working all over the country who are extremely dedicated, extremely committed doing excellent work. The trouble is the services are very stretched, we’re not meeting the need so in that sense it’s not fit for purpose.’