70 organisations object to moves to “weaken” public health measures

Liz Truss’s plans for the UK’s anti-obesity strategy, which could see the axing of many measures to help reduce the country’s intake of fat, salt and sugar, have been labelled as ‘disastrous’ by experts and “profound concern” has been expressed by health and medical organisations in an open letter to Truss.

The open letter, coordinated by The Obesity Alliance, is signed by over 70 organisations including the BMA, Diabetes UK, British Liver Trust, British Dental Association, Royal College of Nursing, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, and the Royal Society for Public Health. The sheer breadth of health areas covered by the signatories’ organisations reflects just what a major and broad impact obesity has on health.

The letter reminds Truss that by implementing the “forward thinking policies,” of the obesity strategy that are “grounded in strong evidence,” the health of the nation will improve and “thus increase economic growth and reduce state spending.”

The letter strongly urges Truss “to reconsider any plans to weaken the public health measures.”

Full story on The Lowdown, 24 September 2022