How much will Labour’s NHS plans cost?

Labour has begun setting out its plan for the NHS in England if the party wins in June.

This includes a pay increase for staff, putting into law the mandatory minimum number of staff per patient and funding training for health professionals.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Labour’s shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth said the money for these pledges would be raised by increasing corporation tax.

How much will need to be raised has not yet been confirmed.

Corporation tax – the tax on companies’ profits – has been cut from 28% in 2010 to 19%, and is due to come down to 17% by 2020.

 Labour used official figures to calculate that between 2016-17 and 2021-22, cuts to corporation tax would amount to £64bn less in the public purse.

We are talking about the NHS in England only since health is a devolved matter and the other nations’ administrations generally set their own policies.

For example, although the recommendations of pay review bodies are UK-wide, nations get to choose whether to accept them.

Full Article on BBC News 26 April 2017