McKinsey paid £500,000 by NHS Improvement to advise on ‘purpose and model’

Full Story in HSJ 12 March 2018

NHS Improvement is paying McKinsey £500,000 to help clarify its purpose and work on a new organisational development programme, HSJ has learned.

It is the second time NHSI has spent a sum of this order on management consultants to help with organisational design, having paid KPMG £630,000 to work on its culture, values and operating model when it was set up two years ago.

HSJ has seen a message sent to all NHSI staff by medical director Kathy McLean on 5 March, which referred McKinsey as “our new partners” in the initiative.

The message said McKinsey has begun working with the NHSI executive team “to develop our internal organisational development work”, to clarify NHSI’s “purpose and operating model”.

The consultants began working with NHSI around the beginning of the month. Their work was at an early stage “but will be moving at pace”, the message said.