Exclusive: Vanguards dent emergency admissions but not bed days

National new care model vanguard projects have not had a major impact on hospital bed days, official data obtained by HSJ suggests.

NHS England’s national performance dashboard for the programme shows that, over the measurement period, there was a larger reduction in the rate of hospital bed days in non-vanguard areas than in the nine primary and acute care systems.

Across the 14 multispeciality community providers there was a slightly larger reduction than in the non-vanguard population.

However, the dashboard report shows that vanguards saw substantially lower growth in the rate of emergency admissions over the same period than the rest of England.

Bed days and emergency admissions are the “efficiency” metrics included in the new care models dashboard.

The vanguard dashboard report seen by HSJ compares the rate of emergency admissions and bed days in the 12 months to September 2017, to that in the 2014-15 financial year. It also reveals figures for all the vanguard sites.

Article from HSJ, 26 February 2018