Who’s cashing in on ICSs?

While there is little sign of any activity in the public domain, the establishment of Integrated Care Systems is likely to result in significant changes being pushed through behind the scenes, due to new funding arrangements and the pressure to increase spending on private sector management consultants, data and digital providers.

The new funding system which will run to the end of the financial year allocates funds at “system” level, and requires providers and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to “achieve financial balance within their ICS/STP envelope.” However individual organisations within each system may record a deficit “dependent on mutual agreement within their systems”.

The pressure to bring in more private contractors and consultants is linked to the ‘Health Systems Support Framework’ (HSSF) established by NHS England, which facilitates swifter and wider use of the private sector to help steer ICSs, and direct them in how to spend the funding allocated.

Full story in The Lowdown, 12 October 2020