NHS under strain as tens of thousands of staff suffer long Covid

Patient care in the NHS is being hit because many of those struggling with long Covid are only able to work part-time, are too unwell to perform their usual duties, or often need time off because they are in pain, exhausted or have “brain fog”.

Intense pressures on the already overstretched NHS are being exacerbated by the tens of thousands of health staff who are sick with long Covid, doctors and hospital bosses say. At least 122,000 NHS personnel have the condition, the Office for National Statistics disclosed in a detailed report that showed 1.1 million people in the UK were affected by the condition. That is more than any other occupational group and ahead of teachers, of whom 114,000 have it.

The ONS also found about 30,000 social care workers had long Covid, which could affect staffing levels in care homes and among services that provide at-home care.

Full story in The Guardian, 3 April 2021