Healthcare workers demand a public inquiry into hundreds of staff deaths and PPE failings

Frontline doctors and nurses believe that inadequate PPE may have contributed to the deaths of health and social care staff and are calling for a public inquiry. At least 245 health and social care workers are known to have died from COVID-19 – with some figures suggesting this is dramatically more.

The Doctors’ Association (DAUK) with support from the Good Law Project and charity Hourglass are calling for a judicial review into the decision by the government not to hold a public inquiry into the planning, procurement, and provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health and social care staff.

With healthcare being left “wearing visors made by teenagers on 3D printers” and “care workers being told to share the same mask”, the group has raised concerns that the inadequacy of PPE may have contributed wholly or in part to the tragic deaths of health and social care workers.

Full story in Nursing Notes, 13 June 2020