31. South West London

What concerns have been raised about your STP?

Health planners are trying to reduce NHS deficits and think about ways to re-organise care. However getting the large deficit under control could prevent facilities being developed that can cope with the health and care social needs of local people.

Proposed changes

Closure of one of either Mayday Hospital in Croydon, Epsom Hospital, St Helier Hospital, St George’s Hospital or Kingston Hospital.

Emergency and Maternity care to be cut from one hospital.

It is possible that cancer services at St George’s, Epsom and St Helier and the Royal Marsden hospitals in Sutton and Chelsea will be merged to one shared site.

The planned extension of the Sutton vanguard - which ended when funding ran out - has raised concerns. For this primary care approach to be extended throughout the STP area, primary care would first have to be stabilized and funding increased, as at present there is no capacity or funding for such expansion.