28. North Central London

What concerns have been raised about your STP?

Health planners are trying to reduce NHS deficits and think about ways to re-organise care. However getting the large deficit under control could prevent facilities being developed that can cope with the health and care social needs of local people.

Proposed changes

Moorfields eye hospital is to be relocated to St Pancras and the Moorfields site sold to boost funds.

Development of primary care to treat more complex patients, moving care away from hospitals to the community.

In order to extend primary care specialities it is proposed that GP practices develop into federations.

A transformation of the urgent and emergency care system is planned, aligning it closely with the care closer to home model. Wherever possible patients will be treated at home by community and ambulance services.

All urgent care (NHS 111, GP OOH and urgent care centres) will be run as an integrated service.

Extra cost-cutting plans

Documents leaked to The Guardian in June 2017 indicated major cuts were planned to save £183 million. The documents showed that:

  • Some patients will be denied treatment
  • Operation waiting times will increase
  • A&E maternity units may be shut
  • Doctors in five London boroughs will have to spend less on drugs
  • Fewer patients will be referred to hospital
  • Support for people with severe health needs will be cut.

The leaked documents admit the cuts will be unpopular, hard to explain and result in a lower standard of care.