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Rise in life expectancy has stalled since 2010, research shows

By NHS Support Federation | 18th July 2017

A century-long rise in life expectancy has stalled since 2010 when austerity brought about deep cuts in NHS and social … Read more

Doctors ‘horrified’ by STP staff costs

By NHS Support Federation | 28th June 2017

A vast cohort of operations managers, communications executives, administrators and financial analysts has been created to drive forward controversial STPs … Read more

Secret NHS cost-cutting plans sound ‘death knell’ for British healthcare, warn campaigners

By NHS Support Federation | 6th June 2017

Extended waiting times, ward and service closures, and withdrawal of public funding for some treatments among proposals in new national savings … Read more

HSJ Exclusive: New national savings drive will ‘challenge the values’ of NHS leaders

By NHS Support Federation | 6th June 2017

Closing wards and services, blocking choice of private providers, systematically extending waiting times, and stopping some treatments are all being … Read more

Trusts left ‘drowning in debt’ by Treasury-driven scheme

By NHS Support Federation | 2nd June 2017

The way that sustainability funding has been distributed risks creating huge imbalances where some NHS trusts become “cash rich” and … Read more

Are NHS transformation plans a sticking plaster over big funding gaps?

By NHS Support Federation | 3rd May 2017

Almost every day there’s a new report on the state of NHS finances. With so many negative headlines, it can … Read more

The areas where NHS cuts could hit hardest

By NHS Support Federation | 17th April 2017

The areas of the country where NHS cuts are likely to hit hardest because services are nearing their “overdraft” limits … Read more

NHS England announces that all STPs will become ‘accountable care systems’

By NHS Support Federation | 31st March 2017

NHS England accounces that all STPs will become ‘accountable care systems’ Full story at Pulse Today 31st March 2017 According … Read more

Extended NHS obligations in 2017-18 mandate ‘well beyond reach’

By NHS Support Federation | 22nd March 2017

The continued drive towards a seven-day NHS was confirmed by the Department for Health (DH) in its mandate to the … Read more

BMA: Government must come clean about ‘cheap tricks’ on STP funding

By NHS Support Federation | 22nd March 2017

The government has employed “cheap tricks” to mask its real intentions for sustainability and transformation plan (STP) funding, the British … Read more