Controversial rationing plan abandoned by CCG

22nd June 2017

Full Story at Health Service Journal, 22 June 2017 Commissioners have abandoned plans to restrict access to hearing aids after … Read more

As overdose deaths hit record levels, drug and alcohol services face massive cuts

15th June 2017

evin Jaffray had been addicted to heroin for 20 years when he finally sought help in prison. “I was in … Read more

List of health problems NHS in Milton Keynes will no longer fund

13th June 2017

City health bosses are saving cash by refusing to routinely treat a whole string of medical conditions. People suffering with … Read more

Secret NHS cost-cutting plans sound ‘death knell’ for British healthcare, warn campaigners

6th June 2017

Extended waiting times, ward and service closures, and withdrawal of public funding for some treatments among proposals in new national savings … Read more

Thousands of children’s operations cancelled each year, NHS figures show

5th June 2017

Paediatricians’ leader says figures obtained by Labour are further evidence NHS is being pushed to the brink. Thousands of operations … Read more

Trusts left ‘drowning in debt’ by Treasury-driven scheme

2nd June 2017

The way that sustainability funding has been distributed risks creating huge imbalances where some NHS trusts become “cash rich” and … Read more

Long waits for surgery ‘have tripled in four years’

2nd June 2017

The number of patients waiting six months or more for surgery has tripled over the past four years in England, … Read more

‘A grim reality’: concern over longer waits for NHS operations

1st June 2017

Patients are being left in pain and discomfort due to financial pressures facing NHS, says Royal College of Surgeons An … Read more

NHS ‘waving white flag’ as it axes 18-week waiting time operation target

31st March 2017

Patients will face longer delays for operations after the NHS decided to shelve one of its most important waiting time … Read more

Number of patients missing two-month cancer treatment target window doubles amid warnings A&E crisis is sucking away resources

8th March 2017

The number of NHS cancer patients waiting longer than the crucial two-month target window has nearly doubled in the last … Read more

NHS staff ask ‘least bad’ patients to sleep in corridors amid hospital demand crisis

28th February 2017

Patients are being asked to volunteer to sleep in corridors in order to free up spaces on overrun NHS wards, … Read more

Hospitals could join prisons in cycle of ‘crisis, cash, repeat’, says report

28th February 2017

Better financial planning and reforms needed to avoid ‘disastrous combination of failing public services and breached spending controls’ Hospitals could … Read more

Read all about it: media coverage of NHS rationing

16th February 2017

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Robots can’t solve the crisis in the NHS – we still need workers with empathy

11th February 2017

Images of trolleys laden with suffering people in corridors, old people hooked up to drips on beds in cupboards – not … Read more

‘High’ risk to patients due to regional bed shortage, CQC warns

10th February 2017

The risk of a patient taking their life is “high” in West Midlands’ mental health trusts due to a shortage … Read more

How the poor get ‘managed’ off waiting lists

10th February 2017

Every couple of months, some prominent media personality suggests people should pay upfront for more of their healthcare. This is … Read more