Below average investment won’t solve the NHS capacity crisis

The latest announcement from the PM does not give the NHS enough to safeguard and improve services.

Please spend 5 minutes sending a message to your MP.  There is clear evidence about what the NHS and social care services need in terms of funding.

The £20bn figure announced for the NHS is only 3.4% a year, below the average rises that it has received over its lifetime. Economists agree its not enough to improve care.

Why? The NHS is currently overstetched and is short of 100,000 staff. Due to 8 years of underfunding, services in most areas our local services have not been able to expand with health needs. It will take above average investment of at least 4% over 15 years, “if services are to improve” – Institute of Fiscal Studies

Social care funding will need to increase by 3.9% a year to cope with an ageing population and the higher number of younger adults living with disabilities.

Please send your MP a message, to explain this financial reality and press for the funding that the NHS and social care urgently need.