Delays to treatment

Hospitals cancelled record number of urgent operations last year

27th January 2017

Hospitals cancelled a record number of urgent operations last year as bed shortages left them struggling to cope with the … Read more

Pain-level rationing of hip and knee surgery due to cash crisis, admits NHS

27th January 2017

A senior NHS official has admitted that funding shortages mean hip and knee replacements will have to be rationed according … Read more

Paramedics spend 500,000 hours outside busy A&Es, say auditors

26th January 2017

Paramedics last year spent 500,000 hours outside hospitals with a patient in the back of their ambulance because A&E staff … Read more

Ambulance services ‘not coping’ as demand rises

26th January 2017

Ambulance crews are finding it “increasingly difficult to cope”, an audit of the service in England says. The warning by … Read more

193,000 NHS patients a month waiting beyond target time for surgery

13th January 2017

An increasing number of patients are having to endure long waits for operations, according to a study that provides the … Read more

GPs asked to come into hospital to discharge patients and take on care

12th January 2017

NHS managers in the Midlands have put out an urgent call for GPs to go in to their local hospital … Read more

Social care failings now account for a third of hospital discharge delays

12th January 2017

Social care should undergo an ‘urgent’ review before the Spring budget and local authority leaders should play a central part, … Read more

NHS bed-blocking rises 42% in a year, new figures show

12th January 2017

Bed-blocking has risen more than 40 per cent in a year as hospitals continue to be overwhelmed with people needing care, … Read more

More than 20 NHS hospitals on ‘black alert’ amid reports of patients left in ambulances

12th January 2017

Overcrowding in NHS hospitals has become so severe that last week more than 20 trusts issued ‘black alerts’, meaning they … Read more

Hospitals put adults on children’s wards to ease NHS crisis

10th January 2017

Two hospitals in London have used children’s wards for adults patients to try and ease the current NHS crisis. Croydon … Read more