Staff Shortages

NHS to incentivise more doctors to become generalists

9th January 2019

More doctors will be encouraged to train as generalists rather than specialising in a specific area of medicine, according to … Read more

NHS staffing crisis could harm plan to save half a million lives

7th January 2019

NHS leaders are to outline a future in which genomics, cutting-edge surgery and artificial intelligence help save hundreds of thousands … Read more

NHS ‘could be short of 350,000 staff by 2030’

15th November 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 15 November 2018 The staffing crisis in the NHS is deepening so fast that the service could … Read more

Trusts using HCAs in place of nurses

18th October 2018

Full story in HSJ, 18 October 2018 NHS trusts recruited a higher percentage of healthcare assistants than nurses over a … Read more

Trust pulls out of contract as hundreds of cancer patients miss two week target

1st October 2018

Full story in The HSJ, 1 October 2018 A foundation trust is to withdraw from a dermatology contract after hundreds of … Read more

Over 750 practices across UK could close as GPs leave profession, warns RCGP

28th September 2018

Full story in Pulse, 28 September 2018 Over 750 practices could close within the next five years because they are … Read more

Care job vacancies in England rise to 110,000

24th September 2018

Full story on BBC, 24 July 2018 About 110,000 jobs in adult care in England are left vacant, a rise … Read more

Health visitors struggling with ‘dangerously high’ caseloads

24th September 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 23 September 2018 Health visitors are struggling to care for families properly because they have … Read more

Massive survey of doctors finds the majority fear for patient safety

20th September 2018

Full story on ITV News, 20 September 2018 Staffing levels in the NHS are “inadequate” for patients to be receiving … Read more

NHS mental health crisis worsens as 2,000 staff quit per month

15th September 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 15 September 2018 Thousands of nurses, therapists and psychiatrists are quitting NHS mental health services, … Read more