Staff Shortages

NHS crisis: 200,000 nurses have quit since Tories entered government

27th March 2019

More than 200,000 nurses have quit the NHS since the Conservatives entered government, with three-quarters of these prior to retirement … Read more

Number of NHS staff leaving for a better work/life balance triples

27th March 2019

The number of NHS staff quitting over long hours has tripled in six years, new figures show. Nurse leaders said … Read more

GP practices are struggling – and Brexit will only make things worse

26th March 2019

Staff sickness and uncertainty caused by Brexit have worsened NHS staffing shortages. A recent NHS staff survey showed that just … Read more

GP numbers will fall 7,000 short within five years despite increasing trainees

21st March 2019

GP numbers will fall ‘substantially short of demand’, even though there is a major focus on increasing GP trainee numbers … Read more

Experts warn shortage of GPs will last for at least a decade

21st March 2019

The shortage of GPs will last for at least another decade and patients will have to be treated by physiotherapists … Read more

Shortage of GPs will never end, health experts say

21st March 2019

Patients will have to get used to seeing a pharmacist or physiotherapist instead of a family doctor because the NHS … Read more

NHS ‘no chance of training enough staff’

21st March 2019

The NHS in England has no chance of training enough GPs and nurses to solve the shortages it faces, experts … Read more

Cancer doctor shortage ‘puts care at risk’

19th March 2019

A shortage of cancer doctors will hamper the ability of the NHS to provide cutting-edge care, experts are warning. A … Read more

NHS England losing staff in record numbers over long hours – study

5th March 2019

Research finds number of people leaving over work-life balance has almost trebled Record numbers of burnt-out NHS staff in England … Read more

NHS England survey reveals ‘alarming downturn’ in staff wellbeing

5th March 2019

Number of those sick due to work-related stress is highest in five years Two in five NHS staff in England … Read more