Staff Shortages

Jeremy Hunt admits false claims over mental health

11th October 2017

The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been forced to re-write parliamentary records after making a false claim about mental health. … Read more

GPs losing sleep over patient safety fears, says head of profession

9th October 2017

Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, says colleagues are left anxious by overwork and exhaustion … Read more

‘Major’ safety fears over lack of regulation for advanced nurses

25th September 2017

The lack of regulation of advanced nursing is a “major concern for public protection”, HSJhas been told. The chair of the … Read more

Public sector pay cap: NHS staff real income cut by almost £2,000 over seven years of wage squeeze

21st September 2017

The damage inflicted on the living standards of NHS staff by the Government’s pay freezes and caps has been underlined by new … Read more

‘Enough is enough’: nurses protest against pay cap outside Westminster

6th September 2017

Nurses have expressed their anger over the public sector pay cap in a protest outside parliament, warning the government they … Read more

Is it any wonder the NHS is struggling to recruit homegrown GPs when their job has been reduced to little more than delivering bad news?

4th September 2017

As the NHS launches a £100m drive to recruit foreign GPs, it’s hard to know what to think. Perhaps we should feel … Read more

GPs quit NHS in England at rate of 400 a month

4th September 2017

Family doctors have been leaving the National Health Service at a rate of more than 400 a month, threatening the government’s … Read more

NHS pursuing foreign GPs with £100m recruitment drive

1st September 2017

The NHS will pay agencies up to £100 million to recruit GPs from abroad in a bid to increase staffing … Read more

Practice closes after losing half of its GP partners

24th August 2017

A practice in Doncaster has announced plans to close one of its branch surgeries ‘as early as possible’ when the … Read more

Thames Valley has highest number of NHS vacancies in the country

18th August 2017

At least one in 25 NHS jobs in Thames Valley is unfilled – the highest figure in the country. New … Read more