Staff Shortages

One in three GPs predict closure by 2020 unless seven-day plans are scrapped

20th February 2016

A third of GPs believe that their practice will stop providing services to patients by 2020, according to new research. … Read more

Out-of-hours provider forced to rely on one GP for 850,000 patients overnight

19th February 2016

An out-of-hours provider in Norfolk has admitted GP shortages have forced it to run services with only one GP for … Read more

Higher ratio of HCAs linked with increased mortality

18th February 2016

New research into staffing levels within NHS hospitals has suggested a link between a higher proportion of healthcare assistants per patient … Read more

One in five London practices could close, warn LMCs

16th February 2016

Almost one million people in London could lose their GP in the next three years, an LMC survey of GP … Read more

Agencies struggle to meet NHS demand following pay cap

11th February 2016

The ability of recruitment agencies to find nurses and doctors to fill gaps in hospital shifts has worsened since the … Read more

One fifth of consultants state that rota gaps are causing ‘significant problems for patient safety’

1st February 2016

The latest census of consultant physicians and higher specialty trainees in the UK (2014/15) produced by the Royal College of Physicians, Royal … Read more

‘Costs of agency staff are spiraling out of control say midwives’

25th January 2016

NHS trusts in England pay almost fifty pounds per hour for agency midwives when the normal rate of pay for … Read more

Diabetes care ‘varies hugely’ across England

23rd January 2016

There is an “unduly healthy picture” of the care patients receive for the condition, according to a new report. The Department … Read more

NICE leak: A&Es could be understaffed ‘half of the time’

20th January 2016

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence document, reproduced by HSJ today, suggested A&E departments needed to build a … Read more

Number of mental health nurses falls 10%

16th January 2016

The number of specialist mental health nurses has fallen more than 10% over the past five years, the Guardian has … Read more