Staff Shortages

NHS staff quitting due to burnout and bullying, report says

3rd June 2019

NHS staff are quitting because they are stressed and burned out from heavy workloads, having too little time with patients … Read more

Cuts may leave NHS short of 70,000 nurses, leaked report warns

26th May 2019

The NHS could be short of almost 70,000 nurses within five years, according to a leaked copy of the government’s long-awaited plan … Read more

District nurse numbers plummet leaving services under-resourced and unsafe

21st May 2019

According to a new report district nursing is significantly under-resourced, with often unsafe staffing levels, which can lead to unsafe … Read more

Nurses’ goodwill is being ‘abused’ and people need to be ‘held to account’

20th May 2019

The Royal College of Nursing has said that the Government has consistently failed to reduce the number of vacancies and … Read more

NHS England loses 6,000 mental health nurses in 10 years

19th May 2019

New figures show that the number of mental health nurses in England has slumped by more than a tenth over … Read more

Community hospital to close in face of staff shortages

17th May 2019

A major nursing shortage will mean that the City Community Hospital in Oxford will close temporarily at the end of … Read more

NHS staff shortage: How many doctors and nurses come from abroad?

13th May 2019

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will soon begin a major campaign to recruit health workers from other countries to … Read more

Case study: ‘My heart is here in the NHS. But I can only take so much’

13th May 2019

Dr Siti Ibrahim, a trainee GP, says it feels like the Home Office is pushing foreign doctors away Dr Siti … Read more

Theresa May warned her post-Brexit immigration strategy could close quarter of NHS services

1st May 2019

NHS executives have described Theresa May’s post-Brexit immigration strategy as the “most destructive policy proposal for NHS recruitment” amid fears … Read more

Patients will wait longer for operations and care will get WORSE amid looming pensions crisis for doctors, British Medical Association warns

25th April 2019

Patients will wait longer for operations and care will get worse in the face of a looming pensions crisis for … Read more