Staff Shortages

Health visitors struggling with ‘dangerously high’ caseloads

24th September 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 23 September 2018 Health visitors are struggling to care for families properly because they have … Read more

Massive survey of doctors finds the majority fear for patient safety

20th September 2018

Full story on ITV News, 20 September 2018 Staffing levels in the NHS are “inadequate” for patients to be receiving … Read more

NHS mental health crisis worsens as 2,000 staff quit per month

15th September 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 15 September 2018 Thousands of nurses, therapists and psychiatrists are quitting NHS mental health services, … Read more

NHS vacancies a ‘national emergency’

11th September 2018

Full story in BBC News: 11 September 2018 The shortage of NHS staff in England has started worsening again, official … Read more

NHS in England facing deepening staffing crisis, figures show

26th July 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 26 July 2018. The NHS is facing a deepening staffing crisis as hospitals report growing … Read more

NHS opt-in transplant policy at risk due to cuts and staff stress

15th July 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 15 July 2018. Plans to save hundreds of lives by making everyone in England a … Read more

Health services overloaded despite support pledges, claims report

21st May 2018

Full story in The Guardian, 21 May 2018 Hospitals have been left dangerously overloaded because NHS bosses and ministers have … Read more

NHS has lost 1,000 GPs since Jeremy Hunt set workforce target

15th May 2018

Full story in Pulse, 15 May 2018 The GP workforce in England is continuing to decline, as official statistics reveal … Read more

Ministers urged by Labour to allow NHS to bring in foreign doctors

2nd May 2018

Full story at The Guardian 2 May 2018 Labour has moved to exploit a cabinet split over foreign doctors being refused … Read more

Community hospital beds could reopen in June

16th April 2018

Full story at County Gazette 16 April 2018 INPATIENT wards at Somerset’s community hospitals could begin re-opening as early as June, … Read more