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Frimley assures no major services are facing the axe

By NHS Support Federation | 11th March 2017

FRIMLEY Health NHS Foundation Trust has given its reassurance that major services do not face the axe, after BBC analysis … Read more

£500m deficit looms for health services across the Black Country, report says

By NHS Support Federation | 7th March 2017

Health providers across the Black Country could face a funding deficit of more than £500 million if they do not … Read more

Thousands march in protest over plans for ‘unprecedented’ NHS cuts

By NHS Support Federation | 6th March 2017

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London in protest against dramatic NHS cuts proposed by … Read more

NHS staff ask ‘least bad’ patients to sleep in corridors amid hospital demand crisis

By NHS Support Federation | 28th February 2017

Patients are being asked to volunteer to sleep in corridors in order to free up spaces on overrun NHS wards, … Read more

Hospitals could join prisons in cycle of ‘crisis, cash, repeat’, says report

By NHS Support Federation | 28th February 2017

Better financial planning and reforms needed to avoid ‘disastrous combination of failing public services and breached spending controls’ Hospitals could … Read more

NHS bed occupancy levels hit record high during last quarter of 2016

By NHS Support Federation | 27th February 2017

The latest NHS bed occupancy figures are the highest ever recorded for a third quarter since quarterly data collections began … Read more

Controversial NHS shake-up will cost £150m of taxpayers’ money

By NHS Support Federation | 26th February 2017

A controversial plan to transform NHS services and make savings will itself cost £150m of taxpayer cash to deliver, it has … Read more

Delivering sustainability and transformation plans

By NHS Support Federation | 21st February 2017

From ambitious proposals to credible plans This report examines the content of the 44 sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) that … Read more

Government cutting beds across UK hospitals in NHS money saving measures

By NHS Support Federation | 21st February 2017

Hospitals will have to be closed and beds cut as part of a series of money-saving measures across the NHS … Read more

Health cuts most likely cause of major rise in mortality, study claims

By NHS Support Federation | 17th February 2017

An unprecedented rise in mortality in England and Wales, where 30,000 excess deaths occurred in 2015, is likely to be … Read more