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Are NHS transformation plans a sticking plaster over big funding gaps?

By NHS Support Federation | 3rd May 2017

Almost every day there’s a new report on the state of NHS finances. With so many negative headlines, it can … Read more

The areas where NHS cuts could hit hardest

By NHS Support Federation | 17th April 2017

The areas of the country where NHS cuts are likely to hit hardest because services are nearing their “overdraft” limits … Read more

Extended NHS obligations in 2017-18 mandate ‘well beyond reach’

By NHS Support Federation | 22nd March 2017

The continued drive towards a seven-day NHS was confirmed by the Department for Health (DH) in its mandate to the … Read more

BMA: Government must come clean about ‘cheap tricks’ on STP funding

By NHS Support Federation | 22nd March 2017

The government has employed “cheap tricks” to mask its real intentions for sustainability and transformation plan (STP) funding, the British … Read more

Government demands ‘concrete progress’ on STPs

By NHS Support Federation | 21st March 2017

The government’s instructions to the NHS this year call for “concrete progress on local sustainability and transformation plans” and say … Read more

STP funding plans fail to materialise

By NHS Support Federation | 15th March 2017

The vast majority of agreed STP (sustainability and transformation plan) proposals should be implemented by 2021, NHS leaders have said, … Read more

Health expert says new NHS plan could ‘put patients at risk’

By NHS Support Federation | 13th March 2017

A health policy expert from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) believes a five-year plan by the NHS to save money … Read more

Frimley assures no major services are facing the axe

By NHS Support Federation | 11th March 2017

FRIMLEY Health NHS Foundation Trust has given its reassurance that major services do not face the axe, after BBC analysis … Read more

£500m deficit looms for health services across the Black Country, report says

By NHS Support Federation | 7th March 2017

Health providers across the Black Country could face a funding deficit of more than £500 million if they do not … Read more

Thousands march in protest over plans for ‘unprecedented’ NHS cuts

By NHS Support Federation | 6th March 2017

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London in protest against dramatic NHS cuts proposed by … Read more