Cuts in services

Seven-day NHS: Labour demands inquiry as leak reveals crisis warning

23rd August 2016

Labour is demanding an inquiry into revelations that senior civil servants fear the government’s push for a “truly seven-day NHS” … Read more

NHS England advises trusts to cancel operations this winter as system ‘buckles’

23rd August 2016

NHS England has told trusts to cancel routine operations and outpatient appointments to take strain off A&E departments this winter, … Read more

Lincolnshire trust confirms night time A&E closure

17th August 2016

ACUTE CARE: United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust has confirmed it will go ahead with plans to close the accident and emergency … Read more

Doctor shortage may see maternity unit downgraded

17th August 2016

A shortage of doctors may lead to an Oxfordshire maternity unit being downgraded next month. Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust, … Read more

New ‘dementia atlas’ reveals disparity in care across England

16th August 2016

People with dementia are being let down by local services across the country, according to new government data that critics … Read more

The plans may still be fantasy: but NHS cuts are starting to get real

12th August 2016

THERESA MAY’S government is stepping up George Osborne’s programme of relentless real-terms reductions to NHS spending to reverse Labour’s decade … Read more

Hospital A&E wards ‘in crisis over shortage of emergency doctors’

10th August 2016

Hospital accident and emergency wards are in crisis as the supply of doctors fails to keep pace with demand for … Read more

Crisis-hit hospital trust may close Grantham A&E at night

10th August 2016

Hospital bosses could shut an accident and emergency department at night in order to combat a staffing crisis. United Lincolnshire … Read more

Feeling the Crunch: NHS finances to 2020, a report by The Nuffield Trust

8th August 2016

The NHS faces a £22 billion funding shortfall four-and-a-half years from now. That is no longer an abstract number designed … Read more

GPs face complete halt on all non-urgent referrals under CCG plans to cut costs

8th August 2016

A north-west CCG is proposing to completely suspend all non-urgent GP referrals to local hospitals for up to fourth months … Read more

Unrealistic NHS savings targets to result in rationing, report warns

5th August 2016

NHS England ‘will struggle’ to save £22bn by 2020 and is likely to be left with at least a £6n … Read more

More than one in twenty GP contracts terminated in three years as closures accelerate

5th August 2016

More than one in 20 GP practice contracts in England have been terminated since 2013, official data obtained by GPonline … Read more

NHS reform: Why sustainability transformation plans could be dangerous

2nd August 2016

Across England, 44 ‘footprint’ areas are drawing up sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) for the NHS in their region. But … Read more

Cash-strapped council plans funding cuts to joint NHS discharge project

1st August 2016

A county council struggling to make £60m of savings in 2016-17 is planning to scrap funding for a joint discharge … Read more

Stockport hospital to make 350 voluntary redundancies to tackle deficit

29th July 2016

Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport is to cut the equivalent of 350 full-time jobs in order to cope with financial … Read more

Jeremy Hunt has broken NHS funding pledges, report finds

19th July 2016

The government has broken its pledges on NHS funding and is misleading the public about how much extra money it … Read more