Cuts in services

Physiotherapy provision is overstretched

14th July 2016

A new Muscular Dystrophy UK report has revealed that thousands of people with muscular dystrophy are going without access to … Read more

Vulnerable adults at risk as councils face £1bn social care shortfall

13th July 2016

Outlook for care provision in England is bleak with cuts eating into resources despite rising need for support, says report. … Read more

A national disgrace: NHS fails to treat child mental health

5th July 2016

A whole generation of children is being failed by mental health services, say GPs who struggle to access specialist help … Read more

Children’s services hardest hit by public health cuts

4th July 2016

Services aimed at children and young people are bearing the brunt of cuts to public health spending by local authorities, … Read more

NHS child mental health services are failing the next generation, say GPs

4th July 2016

Up to four in five children with mental health problems are being denied access to treatment they urgently need in … Read more

Two-thirds of GP referrals for child mental health lead to no treatment

4th July 2016

An increasing number of vulnerable children are being refused vital mental health treatment that is recommended by their GP, finds … Read more

Exclusive: Paybills and planned care targeted in huge savings drive

29th June 2016

NHS trusts have been given a month to produce plans for merging back-office and pathology services with their neighbours, as … Read more

Bakewell and Bolsover community hospitals set for closure

29th June 2016

Two community hospitals have been earmarked for closure as part of a shakeup of NHS healthcare in Derbyshire. Newholme Hospital … Read more

Budget cuts leave occupational therapy posts unfilled as referrals rise

28th June 2016

Occupational therapists (OTs) make up 2% of the adult social services workforce but are responsible for around 40% of referrals, … Read more

Government cuts are brewing a sexual health crisis

27th June 2016

Sex has got a lot to answer for. The UK is facing a rising demand for sexual health and contraceptive … Read more

‘Desperate situation’ faced by public health

24th June 2016

In 2014, the Five Year Forward View said ‘… the future health of millions of children, the sustainability of the … Read more

‘This isn’t acceptable’: outcry at state of NHS mental health care funding

13th June 2016

A cross-party inquiry by MPs into the funding of mental health services has received more than 95,000 personal submissions in … Read more

Four practices set to close leaving 10,000 patients displaced

7th June 2016

Four practices in Brighton and Hove which together service over 10,000 patients are to close after having funding pulled through … Read more

Sustainability and Transformation Plans: another NHS reorganisation?

3rd June 2016

Earlier this year, new structures were announced to oversee health care in 44 areas of England. On 19 May, the … Read more

Bedfordshire CCG launches bid to decommission IVF treatment

3rd June 2016

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group is planning to stop funding specialist fertility services according to a consultation published last month. The … Read more

Practice ‘loses £55,000’ as CCG cuts £1m enhanced service without warning

1st June 2016

A CCG has cut more than £1m in practice funding after decommissioning an enhanced service designed to improve care for … Read more